Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deploying Android Apps: Part 1

This two part blog series describes different deployment methods for Android applications. First part details out deployment methods for market apps. Second part is about non-market app deployment which is nothing but manual app installation on device.


In this part one we will discuss how we can deploy the apps which are published on Android Market. Basically there are two methods for deploying market apps. First and most frequently used method is via Market App. Remote install is another method which is less used but will be very useful. These two methods are explained below in detail.


1       Android Market App

Installing apps using Android Market app on device is very straightforward. You need to login to Google service and open the Android Market app. It lists all the apps available/compatible to your device. Select any of the application and click install. Selected app will get downloaded and installed on your device.

Figure 1: Android Market App

2       Remote Install through Android Market Website

  • Go to https://market.android.com on your desktop browser
  • Login with Gmail account
  • Browse the apps and select the app you want to install
  • It will show app details along with below options (Fig 2)
  1. If selected app is free then you can see ‘INSTALL’ button just below the application icon
  2. If app is already downloaded you can ‘INSTALLED’ button instead of ‘INSTALL’
  3. For paid apps you will get option to buy it

Figure 2: Android Market Remote Install
  • Google will find all the devices on which you are using any of the Google service using same Gmail ID. It will list out all the devices along with compatibility details for the selected app.
  • After clicking on ‘INSTALL’ or ‘INSTALLED’ button, popup window will be shown which will have device list and permission details for the selected app. Here user will have option to select one of the devices from list and remote install that app on that device.  (Fig 3)

Figure 3: Android Market Remote Install Options
  • After clicking on ‘Install’ button on above popup window, you can notification bar on your Android device which tells that it is downloading and installing the app. This will be the same app you selected on Android Market website.

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